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University Painters Founder Joshua D. Jablon

University Painters Founder Joshua D. Jablon was in college in 1986 when he started house painting as a summer job in the Philadelphia, PA area. During this time he worked as a house painter, paint crew foreman and later as an owner of a Franchised house painting business while attending college full time.

Upon graduating from college, Jablon established the University Painters trade name and trademark. In 1991 University Painters began franchising painting businesses in three states. By 1993, University Painters was one of the largest franchisors in the Washington, DC metro area. (The Washington Business Journal) By 1998 approximately 100 student owned franchises were established each summer, owned and operated by students.

In about 1999, University Painters adopted a new business approach, using permanent full time non-student owners who licensed the University Painters trade name and trademark. This licensing arrangement allowed for a highly flexible business system. At the same time, many University Painters business owners started replacing their seasonal student painters with professional painting crews. At present, the University Painters Licensees continue to use this career professional painting crew system which aids the year round operation of their businesses.

Together with donations form Licensees, Josh Jablon established the University Painters Charitable Gift Fund which donates funds to both national and local charities who are 501 (C) 3’s, particularly in areas where University Painters outlets are located.

Joshua Jablon attended George Washington University in Washington, DC and Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. He completed his education with a Degree of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Josh lives in Delray Beach, Florida.

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University Painters® Registered Trademark. This website, its forms,and the phone numbers are directed to a nationwide call center which provides answering services, email forwarding and other internet services for multiple independently owned painting companies who license the right to use the "University Painters" trade name and trademark. Each Licensee owns and operates their own independent business in each area and utilizes their own local personnel.

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