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Who We Are

Does University Painters provide free no obligation estimates?

  Yes! University Painters provides free, no obligation estimates. Simply fill out an estimate request form or call toll-free 1-800-390-4848 and a live representative will schedule your in home painting estimate.  Our estimator will arrive on time and walk the project with you asking questions to clarify the scope of the work.  A written proposal is provided at the time of estimate.
  Does University Painters have references from previous homeowners that I can see
or speak with?

Yes! Your University Painters Estimator will share with you their client manual which contains valuable information about painting, product information as well as pictures and references from past jobs in your area.

  What types of services can University Painters provide?

Exterior Painting
Interior Painting
Drywall Repair
Plaster Repair
Wood Rot Replacement
Wallpaper Removal
Staining Services
Power / Pressure Washing & Sealing
Custom Molding Installation
Other Home Improvement Services


Do I need to be home to receive an estimate?

  Our Estimators prefer to meet with you personally in order to get a complete understanding of the scope of the work to be performed as well as to fully explain our proposal and answer any questions you may have at that time.  If you are in a rush they will move quickly.  It is always better to meet with you personally to outline the project.  If it is impossible for you to meet us we will do our best to write the painting estimate anyway but we prefer at least a short personal meeting.

Do Estimators provide estimates on weekends and evenings?


Yes! Our Estimators schedule their estimates at your convenience.  Evenings, Weekends, holidays…..we want to earn your business.

  Does University Painters have insurance?

Yes! University Painters is fully insured with $2,000,000 of General Liability Insurance and are Fully Compliant with all Worker’s Compensation requirements.  The University Painters Estimator will provide proof of their insurance at the time of the estimate.


Does University Painters Warranty their work?


Yes! University Painters provides a 2 year written limited warranty.

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University Painters® Registered Trademark. This website, its forms,and the phone numbers are directed to a nationwide call center which provides answering services, email forwarding and other internet services for multiple independently owned painting companies who license the right to use the "University Painters" trade name and trademark. Each Licensee owns and operates their own independent business in each area and utilizes their own local personnel.

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